Together Men Make Paradigms
1hr experimental play

Summer 2014
Dixon Place, NYC

What are the geometries of a deconstructed patriarchy?

Cast Myra Byrne, Aeliana Nicole Boyer, Diana Cage, Red Durkin, Sam Feder, Theodore (ted) Kerr, Elizabeth Koke, Rachel Levitsky, Lara Lorenzo, Trisha Low, Buzz Slutzky, Aldrin Valdez, Adrien Weibgen

Written by Maxe Crandall
Directed by Maxe Crandall & Aeliana Nicole Boyer
Set Design by Aeliana Nicole Boyer
Video Set Design by Ethan Weinstock
Publisher Brenda Iijima
Photography by Grace Moon

“Together Men Make Paradigms is the text that poets theater was born to give birth to, the culmination of a hundred years of field work.  Crandall has something of Sitwell’s wit and charm, and at spectrum’s far end plenty of Zukofsky’s cold see-through, so that whole structures of capitalism and language lie transfixed, anatomically tethered, before our wondering eyes.  But Crandall’s greatest triumph might be character; oh, and dialogue, that comes slashing out in crazy, inspired loops, rapid putdowns, nonsensical business patter, jawbreaking pomposity, riddle, argot and song.  In the middle of it all, Andy Warhol thinks everything is beautiful and so great, even as he walks through a world layered deep with the deception and cultivation of power alignments smoothed and silkscreened by carefully marcelled gender waves.  Anyhow, I’d love to play Warhol someday.  Or Otto or Roberto or….  Reading about these “together men” made me look back at my own career and think to myself, Kevin, you’ve written fifty plays, why couldn’t you have had the acuity, the range, or the funny bone to write a play as good as Together Men Make Paradigms.  And the little voice inside me whispers, well, maybe that’s why God invented Maxe Crandall to do the job for you.  Hooray for a terrific play, a sleek concept, a superb followthrough, a playwright beyond compare really.”
— Kevin Killian

Photo: Grace Moon  
[Description: Two taxidermy models (aka THEATER DOGS) with fresh cucumbers as feet commune as a pack beside a periwinkle inflatable pool and a concrete block. A sign reading “Sad David Mamet” in the background]

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