Temple of the Brunchhole
15min play

“Brunch Poems”
March 2023

A tale as old as time about how brunch became a gay blood sport.  And also, have you ever read “Temple of the Butthole” by Gayle Rubin? And if so, did you ever wish it was a play? One remniscent of the Wizard of Oz?

Oakland Cast
Ellis Martin, Sasha Rossman, Diana Cage, Anne Walsh, Claire Grossman, Maxe Crandall, C Michael Chin, Daniel Sanchez Torres, and Cat Fitzpatrick

Doodle by Maxe Crandall
Brunch Poems design Cat Fitzpatrick

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Beautiful Moments in Popular Culture is a theater company based in Oakland. Our mission is to produce performance at odds with commercial theater and to make occasion for underproduced or forgotten theater. Before the pandemic we ran a performance series at The Stud in San Francisco, and soon we will open a venue in the air.
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