Temple of the Brunchhole
15min play

“Brunch Poems”
March 2023

A tale as old as time about how brunch became a gay blood sport.  And also, have you ever read “Temple of the Butthole” by Gayle Rubin? And if so, did you ever wish it was a play? One remniscent of the Wizard of Oz?

Oakland Cast
Ellis Martin, Sasha Rossman, Diana Cage, Anne Walsh, Claire Grossman, Maxe Crandall, C Michael Chin, Daniel Sanchez Torres, and Cat Fitzpatrick

Doodle by Maxe Crandall
Brunch Poems design Cat Fitzpatrick

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Beautiful Moments in Popular Culture is a poets theater company based in Oakland. Our mission is to produce performance at odds with commercial theater and to make occasion for underproduced or forgotten theater. Before the pandemic we ran a performance series at The Stud in San Francisco, and soon we will open a venue  in the air.
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