Bacchae Before
1hr dance theater

2025 TBA
East Coast University

March 2023 
Johns Hopkins University

March 2022
ICA San Francisco

September 2021
Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco

Bacchae Before distills and refracts a classical text of frenzy and filicide through a trans-centered, gender-affirming perspective.” -KQED Arts

“...a world premiere combining — either bizarrely or boldly — the real-world phenomenon of deadly ‘gender reveal’ parties with the ancient Greek play ‘The Bacchae’...” -SF Chronicle

Choreographer Hope Mohr
Playwright Maxe Crandall
Object Animation C Michael Chin
Performers Belinda He, Karla Quintero, Wiley Naman Strasser, Silk Worm
Co-directed by Hope Mohr & Maxe Crandall 

Photo by Robbie Sweeny 
[Description: Four performers engage improvisational work with objects including a large inner tube, a pink stuffed pig, a kickboard, a scarf, a football, and more. One figure in white stands to the right having just launched the tube into the air]

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