Beautiful Moments in Popular Culture

astonishing gay theater


Before Bacchae Before

︎ODC Theater Festival San Francisco

directors Maxe Crandall & Hope Mohr
object animation C. Michael Chin
video editor Chani Bockwinkel
producer Diana Cage

︎Cast Annie Danger, Belinda He, Cliff Hengst, Danny Thanh Nguyen, Karla Quintero

with visitations from Kelly Baird, Ari Banias, Diana Cage, Lauren Cohen,
최 LINDSAY | Lindsay Choi, Zoë Keller, el李 | El Lee, Seán McKeithan, Julie Moon, Noah Ross, Poulomi Saha, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Anne Walsh


︎ODC Theater San Francisco

written and directed by Maxe Crandall choreography by Karla Quintero
lighting design by Del Medoff
photography by H. Goidell

︎Performers Karla Quintero, Danny Thanh Nguyen, Julie Moon, Maxe Crandall

Underwater Wedding

︎The Stud San Francisco

written and directed by Maxe Crandall
original score by Julie Moon
production design by Ari Banias

︎Cast Lynn Breedlove, Diana Cage, Cliff Hengst, Stephen Ira, Grace Lavery, Danny Thanh Nguyen

Box of Rain ︎

︎The Stud San Francisco

written by Kevin Killian
directed by Maxe Crandall
commissioned by James Fleming

︎Cast Ari Banias, Diana Cage, Maxe Crandall, Dia Felix, Margit Galanter, Cliff Hengst, Kevin Killian, Claudia La Rocco, Trisha Low, Randall Mann, Hope Mohr, Mara Poliak, Laurie Reid, Anne Walsh